new interviews!

by coe booth

last week, i was interviewed by two fancy blogs. it was like i couldn't stop talking to book people or something!

please check out my interview on the crazy quilt edi blog where i talk about traveling, writing for younger readers, and what it's like to be a writer in new york city!

i was also interviewed on the l. marie blog where i talk about diversity, my love of fountain pens, and (of course) moths!

hope you check out these interviews!

a new book!

by coe booth

i just got back from a cruise with my whole family. it was so relaxing and fun — just what i needed.

while I was away, my new book came out. so yes, kinda like brothers is available right now! I'm really, really excited, especially since this is my first middle-grade novel, and i love these characters so much!

kinda like brothers.jpg

i was also interviewed on npr's all things considered last weekend. if you missed it, you can listen to it here.


back to school time

by coe booth

over at the vcfa faculty blog, i've posted my list of back-to-school supplies.  yes, i was that kid who loved shopping for new notebooks and pens for school.  and that love has never faded.  actually, i still get a little dizzy when i step foot in a cute little stationery store, like this one, papier plus, in paris.  


so, check out my post here, and please let me know what's on your back-to-school list this year? 

valentine's day reading

by coe booth

Kendra cover hi res.jpg

looking for a good book to read for valentine's day?  well, horn book has put together a list of books about love, and i'm so happy to see that kendra made the list!  

so, if you want to get in the mood for love, check out the whole list here!!!  

why i (sometimes) need to read the memo

by coe booth

over at the write at your own risk blog, my post "read the memo" is up!  

here's an excerpt:  

Every now and then, whenever I think the scenes I’m writing are kind of flat, kind of useless, I turn to my personal writing mentor, David Mamet!  Yes, David Mamet, the playwright who won a Pulitzer Prize and a Tony Award for Glengarry Glen Ross, as well as a bunch of other awards for his plays and movies!

Well, evidently, he created and was the executive producer of the TV show The Unit, and while he was there he wrote a memo to his writing staff that has become known as a Master Class on Writing.

This memo is great!

check out the whole post  — and read the memo!  

on letting go

by coe booth

over at, i wrote a post about my decision to delete the novel i was working on and start over again.  deleting your writing is always a scary thing to do!  but sometimes you need to begin again.  begin better.  

check out my post here!